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  1. Thank God indeed! We had a similar experience last Spring. Going down I-15 through Las Vegas at 60mph. Freeway very busy, no where to go. The truck in front of us dropped a 4' rubbermaid garbage can. All we could do was keep calm, pray and hit it head-on. It got stuck underneath and we had to drag it for about 2 miles until we could get off the freeway and pull over. We had to raise-her up with the jacks to get it out. Luckily there was no damage to the front fiberglass or underneath, the front axle stopped it. We were glad it didn't come out and hit another car or motorcycle. That was a lucky day for us and the others on the road.
  2. Casazul

    Zion National Park

    A neighboring camper took this picture of the reflection of Watchmans Peak on our windshield!
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