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  1. Thanks Nitehawk, I will take a look at these. Figured out that the inverter is bad. I ended up hooking up a battery charger in its place as a temporary fix. More troubleshooting to do in the morning.
  2. Hey Everyone. A friend just bought a 1992 Rockwood Motorhome. I believe it to be 37 foot and has a gas engine not diesel. He is clueless and I am not far behind, but have been able to figure some things out. Thanks to the site here, I have a better idea of some of the other things, I have been troubleshooting. I will be heading out today to do some more work on it. I was just wondering if anyone knows of where there official site is online? Or who actually makes these? Any information would be great. Trying to track down some type of manual. There is a lot going on in these things and learning along the way. The generator does not work, which is not a big deal, as he is hooked up to shore power. Some of the things are not powering on. LP system does not work, which was told to us, when he bought it. Already having plumbing issues. So, the list goes on and on and I will hit on these topics as needed in there right places here on this site. The good thing is this thing runs and was able to drive it to its destination. Any help would be great. Just looking for resources on this. Thanks.
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