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  1. I went to the site but it asks for a credit card, with no explanation of what a FULL download consist of. I declined..will keep looking thanks for the help. Gary
  2. Good idea Rich. It's a 2006 coachman cross country SE model 376DS. I would like to have a better understanding where things are, filters, pumps, electrical etc... Thanks. Gary
  3. Does anyone have an idea where I could purchase a good repair manual for my Coachman? I have checked the website at both Coachman and Forest River with no luck, ebay, etc same thing nothing. Any suggestions? Thanks Gary Lash
  4. Ok here is the latest... We just switched from Gen to SHORE power after running on gen for the past 3 hours and everything is now working..it must be a sticking or faulty relay..what do do think? Thanks. Gary
  5. Maybe I'm not thinking about this correctly, very new to RVing have had my coach for a month. My understanding is shore power is introduced to the inverters to convert 120/240 to DC power then routed to the inverters which adjust the power voltage to 12volt, is that right? Also there is a power transfer relay that transfers power from gen to shore and back again to prevent 2 separate power sources from energizing the same bus. Is it possible that the transfer switch is not transferring completely? If my thinking is correct the problem should lie in 1 of 3 possible locations, the inverter, converter or power transfer switch..please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks for your replay, I did check the fuses for the inverters and they are OK. Gary
  6. When I try to transfer to shore power from generator only half of the coach will work. The rear AC works fine, and some of the outlets. The forward AC will not operate and including the front outlets. The refrigerator works on gas but will occasionally transfer to AC. In the generator mode everything works great. Does this sound like a coach or electrical service problem. I want to add that I have been connected to 50amp service and the control panel indicates 50 amps and that all circuits are powered. Thanks for any assistance Gary
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