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  1. Never attended a rally, but this year offered a compatible schedule, so we got all excited about going to the Midwest Rally in Iowa (at a County Fairgrounds). This was to be the first of many happy rally memories. So I got some info and had questions that I started to investigate by telephone...and while the ANSWERS were off-putting to me, I want to make clear that the FMCA people that I spoke with were very engaging and helpful. . First - ELECTRIC was limited and kind of iffy. Water was apparently going to be some sort of a shared experience. Second - No SEWER hook-ups. There was "a" dump station available if we wanted to un-hook and drive to dump and then return to our site and re-establish ourselves. And "maybe" there was going to be honeywagon service available at a cost of $20-40 each time, but there was no assurance at this time and there would likely not be an opportunity to have a scheduled time. Third - CAMPFIRES...a mainstay of our social activities at ANY venue...are NOT allowed because of the fire hazard presented with the coaches being only 8 ft from one another while parked. Now I don't consider myself a fuddy-duddy, but when presented with these initial three impediments to what I had previously assumed was going to be a rollicking good time at our first rally, I started becoming less than enthusiastic about rallying. Obviously - NO SHOWERING in the coach, because the tanks will fill up and not have an assured outlet. So - multiple hundreds of people competing for 2 mens and 2 womens showers. Not my idea of fun. NO CAMPFIRES to sit and socialize at with all the attendant benefits. And who knows what other surprises that I wasn't experienced enough to ask about. It sounds like it has all the charm of a shopping center parking lot carnival. Am I wrong in my assessment of this? Or is such an event somehow so otherwise wonderful that normal standards shouldn't be applied? I would appreciate the benefit of any feedback on these circumstances to discover if this is the norm - or did I happen to catch one that was unusual and is there still some future in rallying for us? To me, at this point - it seems that an uninviting environment with 500 wonderful people is still an uninviting environment. What are your thoughts?
  2. Getting closer to pulling the trigger on a larger coach (34' now) and we are looking hard at 42-43 footers with tag axles for 6-7 months/yr full-timing. Does anyone who has this length coach have some wisdom about what limitations the extra 2-3' and tag axle cause? I am guessing that the obvious "can't fit in smaller spaces" comes up normally, but are there situations that you have encountered that really made you wish that you had stayed with a standard 40' length? Have you been thwarted in any way that you never considered when you opted for the extra size? Are there restrictions that you have run into that caused you grief when you got to a park?
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