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  1. I'm not having problems, just looking to avoid them. There are so many products it's hard to know the best. I watched some youtube videos, but they seem to be from the mfg. Am I overthinking this?
  2. Just looking for advice on this, many to choose from. Are the probiotics better?
  3. Zion, Arches, Bryce, Canyonlands and Capitol reefs
  4. We are going to the 5 Utah parks this month. Is it better to start over at Moab and head to Zion or visa versa? Anybody with experience on these places?
  5. I bought a new Atwood water heater. It has brown, blue and green wiring. My motorhome has red orange and white wires. Does any body know which wires connect to which? Helpful nephews are great, sometimes.
  6. I kind of figured on buying the whole thing, I was really trying to find the best, cheapest route to go.
  7. It is an Atwood. Model g6a-6e. The Motor home is a 1990. It did work real well last year.
  8. I did not get my tank drained, so I need to replace it. Can I buy a new one from Amazon, how do I know if it will fit. The one I have is LP. Any advice is appreciated.
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