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    Hunting, fishing, camping and having all the solitude I can take. Getting ready to purchase Class A motorhome, going to be fulltiming.

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  1. I really appreciate you folks opinions and information, have decided on a Newmar Essex for sure. I have found a 2006 at the Camping World in Tampa, Florida, would ask anyone who has bought a motorhome from Camping World if they would do it again. I am sorry to be asking so many questions but I figure you folks would be the ones to ask. Thank You Harold
  2. I will be headed down to South Carolina on Sat. to look at a 2006 Newmar Essex, will be in Tampa on Mon. or Tues. to look at a 2005 Newmar Essex. Hopefully I will like one of these and make an offer. Rafe
  3. First, let me say Hello. I just joined today. I am in the market for a used Newmar Essex, have found a 2005 and a 2006 at separate Camping World locations but would like to check a little before I buy one of the first two I looked at. I am very new to the RV lifestyle, and was wondering about members' opinions on the Newmar motorhomes. I would also appreciate any other dealers that I might check out or call. Thanks, in advance, for any information given. Rafe
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