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  1. I want to tow my 2009 RAV behind my 1993 Monaco Signature - suggestions? Neither vehicle is prepared for towing. Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. I'm replacing a 20 year old mattress used by at least five previous owners. My coach will accommodate a Queen size mattress but I want the "short" Queen, something like 60 X 75 or 77 (Queen seems to be 60 X 80). Having trouble sourcing a good inner-spring mattress in the short size. Camping World has a short queen but it comes delivered in a box 16 X 16 X 60. How much support could that mattress offer? We are going to be full-timers so a good mattress is essential. Any thoughts? "Sleepless in Los Gatos"
  3. I would like to add access to compressed air and propane. Has anybody made this modification?
  4. The family wants the grandkids to have seat belts in the coach. Only has belts for the driver and passenger seats. Anybody have success with installing additional belts where they have not existed before?
  5. Let me do some checking. Thank you for the quality information.
  6. I need to repair a hinge. What are the precautions for arc welding on metal that is attached to the frame?
  7. I just bought a used Monaco and the previous owner had recently installed drive tires all around. At about 30,000 lbs how important is it to have steer tires on the front?
  8. Figured it out! There is a labeled toggle to the left of the driver. I just couldn't read the faded label.
  9. That's Silicon Valley for how do I get the generator to extend out of the rig (1993 Signature)?
  10. If I'm not using my dash air conditioner, can I just go ahead and take the fan belt off the A/C compressor at the engine?
  11. My 93 Monaco Signature LP tank has never been re-certified. Does this make any difference?
  12. Just acquired a 1993 Monaco Signature '38 with 8.3 Cummins. Want to have complete chassis inspection and service in Bakersfield. Any recommendations?
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