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  1. Thank you all for sharing your stories. I will continue to pursue the manufacturer for reconciliation. We are so careful to keep this RV in tip-top shape it is quite a bummer that it seems to be a loosing battle! We are hoping by year two that we may in fact have all the issues resolved!
  2. Unfortunate purchase - my husband & I have been RV'ers for many years. When we became empty nesters we scraped together our money to buy a brand new RV. We chose the Fleetwood Storm 28F for the awesome floor plan. Unfortunately, the overall quality of the coach is low. We have owned our Storm for one year & the poor thing is just falling apart: slide outs leak, kitchen sink is rusted, hot water heater quit working, shower floor is broken, rubber slide seals are torn, entry door is not set properly in coach & makes terrible noise while going down road - when we get to destination we can hardly get out, driver & passenger windows do not sit tightly in groove & rattle when driving (loudly), screws on outside of coach are rusted, shelves in cabinets fall down when driving because they are cut too short, and the cherry on top .... The generator does not work! I could go on and on. The dealer & manufacturer say .... There is no fix! So disappointed. Just wanted to warn my fellow RV'ers! If you want an RV that is in the shop more than at the campground, this is the one for you.
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