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  1. I would say the trip was a huge success! All your input was the reason! I figured it cost us about 3 extra hours to avoid DC/NYC areas - but well worth it! The drive was beautiful, the roads good, traffic flowed. The best advice was the Allstays app. for finding a place to boondock and finding gas (not diesel). we were able to click on the location, call and ask questions before getting off at the exit. This Christmas we are headed to south Florida - and I'm looking forward to planning 2 weeks west next summer!
  2. We made it!!! Only one small "incident" - we had the brakes lock up on our jeep we were pulling - (bad signal from the brake system) after being on the side of 95 for a short bit- all is well. With my new phone apps and you guys guiding us I feel a lot more comfortable on a long trip (long for us). The trip home I have left 3 full days for travel and plan on just boondocking all the way back and taking our time. Thanks again everyone!
  3. If you have a smart phone the App - AllStays (you can pick Walmart or truck/travel) has been a huge help on my first trip. It give you distance, rest areas, Flying J's or just Walmarts. It lists the phone number when you touch the screen and you can call ahead and ask to make sure the overnight stop is okay.
  4. We stopped at a flying J on I81 - plan on heading East on I78 in the morning and next stop Mystic CT - THANK YOU all again for keeping an eye on us! What an adventure!
  5. We are on the road! 64W currently over to I 81 - plan is to get to Harrisburg PA area tonight, boondock, then figure out tomorrow plan to Mystic, CT. So for so good - traffice light, sun shining! Thanks ya'll! I'll stress over tomorrow's route when we "land" - LOL
  6. Okay - So I'm convinced to take I 81 now - mapquest gives me I 81 to I 78 - then I 287 (around NYC) then to 95N - No I 84 showing? I see I84 further north - anyone know of a reason I would avoid I 78 to cut across to I 287? Hope to leave mid morning tomorrow and am looking forward to a more scenic route - THANK you all so much!!! I must admit I'm very nervous! (Jurisinceptor I have the Flying J app, I have already found that just driving around NC it's tough finding gas we fit in! And yes we are towing 4 down so backing up is not an option). There is a Flying J off of I 78 near Harrisburg, PA that I am going to shoot for our first overnight at.
  7. Thanks for all the good advice. I did buy an "RV GPS" but was told not to rely on it alone! Looks like we'll be taking our time both ways and enjoying some family time. I have to admit, I'm nervous - that's a long way with kids and car in tow. But i'm sure it will be the first of many long trips! Maybe next trip we'll invite the dog!
  8. Raleigh is our starting point. My plan was about 6 hours a day travel - I think that's reasonable with 2 kids. CT to Bar Harbor will be a haul that will be the only day we "push" it. I have planned 4 full days to return at our leisure. Thanks!
  9. Headed from NC to Bar Harbor, ME next week. First long RV trip for us. 34' Motorhome, Jeep in tow, 2 kids (11 & 13). Would love a route suggestion. Plan is to leave Tuesday afternoon and boondock about 6 hours in. Wednesday hit up Mystic, CT area and Friday head to Bar Harbor for a week. We are staying at Narrows Too. New to the RVing - purchased our first RV 4 months ago. Husband and I both plan on driving. From reading forums looks like i'm going to run out tomorrow and get a truckers atlas! Any/All suggestions welcome - please
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