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  1. Thanks for the tips. Our MH is gas with regular brakes so we'll have to watch carefully going down hills. We live in Colorado so I expect some mountain driving is in our future. I assume (and hope) that I'll get more comfortable with practice. I bought magnetic lights for the toad, but some of the reviews said they blow off. Any of you have that issue? Also, do you tape the connecting wire to the body of the toad? Or is there a better, more efficient way to route the wire? Ted
  2. We purchased a used Demco Kar Kaddy with Surge brakes. Based upon the age of the tires (which I've replaced) I think the tow dolly is about 9 years old. It has grease zirks on each side. We plan to tow our 2003 Chrysler Sebring convertible this summer behind our 31' 1999 National Seaview. We've completed a couple short practice tows and everything "seems" to be okay. So, before I head out for several weeks I would appreciate advice from experienced RVers. How do you deal with various back-in campsites? How do you tell if the gas station you're trying to use is big enough to avoid getting dead-ended? How do you identify (in advance) other situations to avoid? If you're familiar with Kar Kaddy are there issues we should watch for? Thanks
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