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  1. Thank you all for all info supplied. I found the problem which turned out to be a mini fuse that supplied power to the ignition relay. The fuse looked good and checked out with the ohm meter but was not passing on the power. I sprayed the fuse holder with contact cleaner and replaced the fuse with a new one and praise the lord everything came to life. again thank you all for your help. Jiminy
  2. Thank you Brett for your information. I found the problem, it was a fuse that supplied power to a relay. The fuse looked good, tested good, but did not pass the power. I sprayed contact cleaner into the fuse holder, slid the fuse back and forth a few times and presto - POWER to everything that was dormant. Thanks to everyone who supplied information because it all helpes. - Jim
  3. Brett I am I am having a similar problem. - 2004 Winnebago Vectra, model S36GD, Cat C7 engine. I have no power to the light bar across the dash, nothing lighting up on the transmission selector pad and no gauges, and there is power to most other things. I have checked my fuse panel (Freightliner) and found four fuses that have no power to them. - Ing. 1 Power, - Ing. 2 Power, - Ing. 3 Power and MMDC Battery Power. I don't know know where next to check to find the fuse or whatever supplies power to those four fuses. Any help is appreciated. Also I checked my key switch, it has 12VDC to the acc.side and the run side. The only way I can see for 12VDC to get to the solenoid small terminal is switching key to start, no power when key is turned to on. Also there is 12VDC to one large lug only. I tried what you posted and get no power to the solenoid. I am probably missing something. Again any help is greatly appreciated. Jim
  4. Brent I am having a similar problem. 2004 Winnebago Vectra, model S36GD, Cat C7 engine. With key off, I have 12 VDC between large lug and ground and with key off the small signal terminal shows zero volts. With key on the other large lug has zero volts, it has no voltage either way, key on or off. I also have no power to the light bar across the dash, nothing lighting up on the transmission selector pad, no gauges. Any ideas? Jim
  5. I have checked my breakers in the compartment under the driver along with the fuses and all are good. I have checked my ignition switch and have power to both sides acc. and run because my jacks work on either side but I don't have lights, buzzer or starter. I have checked for an ignition solenoid and what I have found is two in a back compartment on drivers side, one is called a relay - battery disconnect and the larger one is not named but has two large lugs, top either side and two wires near the bottom one from battery boost switch (yellow coded LR) and the other is ground (white coded MG). The two are connected with a large wire coded (yellow - coach battery). It seems to me these are not the ignition solenoid. I do not know where to look - my coach is a 2004 Winnebago Vectra 36GD, Freightliner Evolution Chassis, Cat 330 engine. I'm at my wits end. - Jim
  6. Rich - Thank you for your time and trouble. I have been working and have not had time to check all the info all of you have given me. Thursday (tomorrow) I will have some time and hopefully I will find my problem. Thanks all of you for your suggestions Jimminy
  7. Thank you guys for your help. Brian - I will check and get back to you as to power. When it shorted out there were some minor sparks that I saw at the panel, no smell and no smoke or flames. Rich - The model of my vectra is a S36GD. Bigdog - I have never seen a breaker like the one pictured but I will have a good look around to see what I can find. Thanks again. jiminy
  8. I have a 2004 Winnebago Vectra and have no power to the keyed 12-volt white wire of my Trip Tec. I decided to check the auto fuse panel along with the breaker panel. The fuses were good and no breakers were popped, so I removed the four screws holding the breaker panel in place. Like a dope, I did not disconnect the battery, and while removing the pane,l I shorted something. Now I have no power to the ignition switch. I have checked all of the fuses, breakers, relays I can find. Any Ideas will be appreciated. Jiminy
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