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  1. I had a bad experience recently with MotorCoach Services locared in Vinton Va. My Motor Home was put in the shop October 2012 to do 6hrs. of work or so said their invoice. I began trying to get my RV in January after I recovered from surgery. In March I was promised it would be ready by April 30th, then May 20th and finally June 20. Still no RV. My RV was finally delivered AT 9:00 at night on July 3rd. The next morning I discovered none of the work had been performed except for state inspection which ran out last October and I now have a July expiration date. I also found one window blinds torn and laying in the floor and my GPS was missing. my major concern is they were supposed to winterize the water system which was not done. Due to health problems I have not been able to check for freeze damage. I gave MotorCoach Services a $1200.00 deposit to order an in Invisble Brake System in October and was told it would take three weeks for delivery. They still do not have the part. They refuse to answer my calls or to return my messages to discuss returning my deposit. Much too late I checked with the BBB and found out they have a "F" rating. Here summer is moving on and I still cannot tow I have recently had Lung Cancer and I am still having some problems and MotorCoach services knows of my health issues and knows their failure to perform the work in a timely manner has caused me much grief.. If anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with problem please let me know. Remember to check with The BBB with dealing with someone you are not familiar with.
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