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  1. Well I have heard a lot of things but selling off or trading my mini or my wifes mini just because of a few trailing issues would never occur. My mini must be trailered or dollied as it is a JCW version and so no kit to put a roadmaster hook up on it is available. My wifes previous was a 2003 cooper and we just bought a kit (but she traded up for a 2008 clubman with steptronic automatic. There is no issue with manual transmission and towing in neutral four wheel down. In neutral the output shaft is disconnected. And the cv joints are natural lubed in rotation (no pumped lubicant. Now a automatic is a whole nother ballpark. You must run a external pump to tow a automatic in neutral four wheel down. Yes they make a kit but much easier to dolly or trailer. Dolly issues: ramps must be removable for clearance on area behind wheels (underpan). Tilt load and longer ramps allow for more gradual run up for air dam. Dolly must be low hung (axle bar droped not straight across) for front airdam. There are several dollies made for low profile cars. As the rear tires on a mini are so far back the front can rise quite a bit but again low profile is much better. I haver an exiss trailer and had a alumalite both low profile and very nice for mini cooper with the minis light weight a small lighter weight alumalite can be used. Also there are a couple of trailer type that are open center with just low slung channels that are very light weight and do all four wheels off ground. But I prefer the dolly as once in a park I can roll the dolly tight up to back of coach (had a small roller wheel on tongue push it up under if coach is not air to far down). And is much faster to dirve mini off and on for use then full trailer. But the tow bar is nicest if you mini support. Oh I do have a brand new roadmater tow set kit for mini 02-07 setting unused ( will not fit my 2013 cooper work or wife 2008 clubman). Am looking to buy the nice low slung dolly.
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