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  1. Can a 4x4 Ford Ranger with an electronic transfer case be towed with 4 wheels on the ground?? It depends on who you ask as to the answer you get, I'm hoping my FMCA family can tell me...you would know best...
  2. dazzreds

    Leveling Jacks

    Any pros or cons on 3 point leveling jacks...
  3. Here I go again, Sahara Safari out, .....now another one on our radar...class A: 2003 Fleetwood Pace Arrow...gas engine 22000 miles looks to be in good shape going to look at tomorrow. What is your input on this make and model?? Also know Fleetwood makes many motor homes. Where does the Pace Arrow-fit in..
  4. Sorry but don't know how to reply to your great advice which we will take into consideration. Love this site glad I found it so informative... Thank you
  5. We purchased a 2002 5th wheel from camping world last year and decided to get a extended warranty through Good Sams, within 6 months we had to replace a grey water tank, $1200 parts, labor and tank.. Our cost $355.00 glad we did it but don't include in your loan if you are financing pay it outright...ours was not cheap but well worth it In the long run...
  6. We are considering buying a 2003 Safari Sahara diesel pusher...nice coach everything seems to be in working order, just a little apprehensive about trading our 5th wheel in for it... Any reviews good or bad would be appreciated. Thanks
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