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  1. I totally agree however there was the time I went to a station that had it's prices updated on GAS Buddy 5 minutes earlier only to find the price was 10 cents higher than posted.
  2. This is great information and I agree it should be at the top of every bucket list. I would like to offer one correction. I worked at YNP (through Xanterra....www.yellowstonejobs.com) summer of 2012. There is only one campground with hookups which is actually an RV park. That is Fishing Bridge. It is also the only place that has showers and laundry service. However anyone can purchase a ticket for those services even if you are not a camper. I worked at Bridge Bay and if you stay in the upper loops, you will have lots of trees. I believe this to be the most beautiful of all the campgrounds and it is the largest. Grant Village has slightly fewer camp sites but again no hookups. It does offer a gift shop and general store as does Canyon. The others mentioned are also very nice but much smaller.
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