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  1. We have a majestic stackable set and have had a very difficult time finding parts for the washer (mj9200w). The only place we have found is Appliance Desk, especially for the hose that runs from the dispenser to the drum. We have had no real problems ordering from them, until we purchased the wrong part. We too spoke with "Steve" to arrange the return of the part to get a refund from them. We sent the part back UPS so we could track the delivery, which recorded as being received by Appliance Desk on 07.17.2013. To date we still have NOT received the refund for the item sent back. First we were told the unit had arrived, but had to be inspected, and we should expect a refund in 5 to 7 days. That didn't happen....... Now we need to order another part for the washer, and to our unfortunate surprise, Appliance Desk is the only place that we can find with the part in stock. We have ordered several parts from them without any problem, until the refund issue. As of yesterday, I sent "Steve" an email advising that if I did not see the refund posted to our credit card within 48 hours I will be disputing the charge with our credit card company. The sad part is the majestic washer and dryers are hard to get parts for, and Appliance Desk seems to be the only game in town that we can find. We need to replace the drum shocks, and are forced to make the purchase with Appliance Desk because they are the only ones who have them. Our other option is to replace the washer and dryer, but we just did a full restoration to our coach (1998 Winnebago Adventurer 37WW), which included putting in the stacking washer and dryer, which we got for a pretty reasonable price from the dealer that did the renovation. If you can avoid doing business with Appliance Desk, I would advise to do so. It is sad that "Steve" is willing to allow his company's reputation to get slammed because he refuses to honor issues like refunds in a timely manner.
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