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  1. 2013 Tiffin 40' Phaeton with Dometic MasterFlush elect. toilet. Our coach has two toilets. The master has a Dometic Elec toilet with macerator. The system is designed to stop the flush cycle when the tank (b/w) is full. When the tank is completely full the wall mounted LED lights to tell you it's full. When the tank is dumped the full tank light should go out. As of two days ago when the tank is dumped the light will not go out. The dealer tells me that there may t/p covering the in/tank gage. Now after using gage cleaner, filling, dumping, rinsing five times the light still has not gone out. I have also used an angled spray tool attached to a water hose. Still no help. Does anyone have any other solutions that I can try. Fred F434694
  2. After 1 yr of full timing I now have accumulated 7 led ceiling lights that are out. The dealer wants $16.75 for each replacement bulb. Has anyone found a less expensive source for the LED bulb from Triple H Electronics? fredhgross 40 ft Tiffin Phaeton 2008 Saturn Vue Blue OX tow bar
  3. We currently have a news issue with our black water system. The full tank alert is on telling me of a full tank. With the red light on the head will not flush. The tank is now empty but the light will not extinguish. So far I have run tank flushes and a batch of tank cleaner thru the system but still no luck. Does anyone have any other words of wisdom? Fred
  4. Is the East entrance OK to travel in a 40 ft coach & towing? My co-pilot gets mighty nervous when she sees steep drop-offs and no shoulders. We are currently camped near the west entrance and want to head east toward Cody. Fred
  5. I am looking for guidance on visiting the park by car, rv campgrounds for the coach, best routes from Salt Lake city, etc..
  6. We are new coach owners and are gathering equipment necessary to perform routine maintenance. Question: Is it permissible to use my coach's air brake compressed air system to top off tire pressure? Fredhgross
  7. We are new members in FMCA. Since making the big switch and upgrade from a 5th wheel to 40 ft coach I have a new problem. The coach is new and as part of the delivery the dealer techs went through the process sequence of hookup of our 2008 Saturn Vue. At that time everything went fine. But somewhere between the delivery in June 'til now the memory (mine) lost a critical step. Our toad brake system is an M&G. Our tow rig is Blue Ox. Now the problem. Hookup goes OK until I set up he car for towing. The process I am using will not unlock the steering. The car owners manual is incomplete in the section for towing. As mentioned earlier our Saturn is an 2008 Vue XR with V6 and automatic trans. Does anyone have suggestions to remedy my problem? Fred & Ila Gross F434694
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