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  1. Hi there We are new to Full Timing and would appreciate some input on US 10 from Tucson AZ to Baton Rouge LA. We are traveling in a 39 foot Diesel Pusher and want to know of any conditions that we would not like to encounter. We of course have plenty of time.- as do all "full timers". Thanks for any input Dave
  2. dcochran1167

    Dog Licenses

    We are new Full Timers and travel with two small dogs. They both just had their Rabies shots updated along with the other shots etc. My question is "Do we need to get a dog license where they got the shots? " We are in AZ now, but our residence is in SD (mailing service), so I am unclear of what I need to do. Thanks for your input on this. Linda
  3. Bad news. We have the Brake Master system on our National Tradewinds motor home. Though the system works well, the brake away system will only work in a totally catastrophic failure of the tow system. The lanyard is too long to actuate the auxiliary cylinder unless the tow bars and the safety cables have failed! If the tow bars fail and the cables " catch " the toad, applying the motor home brakes will cause the toad to rear end the motor home! I have to admit the braking system otherwise works well.
  4. We are traveling in a 39 foot motor home and would like to avoid as many mountains as we could. Can someone suggest a route. Thanks
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