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  1. Hi All, I post this from HWH frequently asked questions.... Question 84. My coach has an air suspension. Should I start my engine and build air pressure before retracting my jacks? No, you should start the engine to start building air pressure, but the jacks should be stored immediately after starting the engine. With lever controlled leveling systems, it is recommended to start retracting the front jacks before retracting the rear jacks. My wife and I were parked on unlevel payment with jacks down. The front of the coach pretty high off the ground with the jacks almost fully extended and the back of the coach very low with only a little retract of the back jacks. Following HWH advice if I read it correctly, I started engine to build air pressure and began to retract the jacks only to have the front of the coach come crashing down on the frame. It felt like we went over the Grand Canyon with no shocks! So now I always build air pressure to 110 pounds before retracting. My question is what harm do you put on the jacks if you build up the suspension air to 110-120 pounds? Will the jacks blow out a seal or something if they don't have constant pressure on them? Thanks, Stevie Stevie And Michelle 1997 Tiffin Allegro Bus 39L Everett, WA
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