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  1. I have some good and some poor copies of wiring diagram pages for a 95' Safari. I don't recall which model they are for, but they were not for my model. However, I found that they were very helpful. If you are interested contact me. I know a lot about my 37' Sable which is a 95' model year. I have overcome several electrical issues over the years with the help of these diagrams.
  2. Good evening gentlemen, Thank you for your input. I will contact Henderson Line up.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a shop that can rebuild or exchange my master cylinder and calipers in the Grants Pass or Medford, Oregon area. The system is functional now, but the master cylinder rod boot is cracked as are the caliper boots. Thanks
  4. I contacted ORservice@monacorv.com and they replied that the info for 95' Safari parts was sparse at best. They suggested I look for parts numbers on the calipers. There are casting numbers on the calipers, so I will forward that info to them. I don't have a good feeling about there interest in my problem. Thanks for the reply. Murmanone
  5. Thanks for the info. Have a good day.
  6. Magnum Chassis from SMC (Safari Motor Coach)
  7. Hi Friends, Can anyone tell me what weight oil should be used in the drive axle. I have an Eaton axle and it has synthetic oil I think because it is almost clear in color. Thanks, Murmanone
  8. Hi friends, I am looking for the part #'s for the front and rear calipers plus rotors on my 95' Safari/Sable. I have exhausted the Safari/Monaco avenues and the Eaton rear axle info on the plates attached to the rear. If anyone has the part #'s please respond or direct me to a source. Thanks, Murmanone
  9. Thanks for the info. The air purging was accomplished through the small hose to the overflow tank.
  10. Hi, I have a trailer/2axle/electric brakes. I am towing with a 95' Safari/Sable 37'. I can't locate an electric brake wire of 10 or 12ga. in the wiring harness to use as a conductor for the brakes. I understand that 37' of chassis is a long way for DC voltage to be effective. Has anyone run into this problem?? Thanks, Murmanone
  11. Hi, I have a 95' Safari Sable and I am preparing to install a 7 spade trailer connector to the RV. I have a 6 pin connector that was used to tow a toad so there wasn't a need for electric brake or 12vdc. I am asking if anyone knows if there is a brake wire in the harness or possibly terminated in the engine compartment. I would think that this phantom wire would be 10ga. to accommodate the 40' or so length. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi, I have a 1995 Safari/Sable with a Cummins C8.3. I'm flushing/changing the coolant and would like to know how many gal/qts of antifreeze I will need. Thanks, Murmanone
  13. Hi, I have a 1995 Cummins C8.3 engine in a Safari RV that I am changing out the coolant. I am concerned that I might not get all the air out of the block. I can't find and petcocks or removable plugs to vent out. I did find drain at bottom of oil cooler. Can anone help me out. Thanks, murmanone
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