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    My God, my family, my friends! Life is made up of relationships and this is most important to me and my husband. We love to travel on the "backroads of America"! God created beautiful country for us to enjoy and we do as much as we possibly can.

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  1. Everything works properly on generator side of power. On shore power, front air and microwave will not run. Source manager (inverter) has been checked out to be fine. Anyone have any ideas as to what's happening? Never had a problem like this before. Thanks!
  2. TButler, once again you have given me some "things to think about" and some great information! THANK YOU! I loved what you said at the very end of your reply. "We invest our money in the experience of living rather than in things." When I read that to my husband it got his attention. Later when discussing this subject he referred back to what you had said. Life isn't made up of "things"......it's "relationships" that count! We are enjoying more and more "living" in our coach. We don't have the "ultimate coach", but "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and we are happy at this time with it. It is definitely one of the cleanest, most taken care of 1999 American Dream you will find! My husband loves for it to "look good" and it does! If you have anymore to add please feel free to. If there are any other comments fellow RVer's want to share I am happy to receive them. Thanks everyone for your help! We might get to meet sometime while traveling through life! LovinLife!
  3. TButler, THANK YOU for your answers to my question "What About the Kids". You gave me some insight and I really appreciate you taking the time to help out a "fellow RV-er" who is looking for an answer. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time "living life" and that's wonderful! I talked to someone else this week that sold everything and are now Full-time RVing and they said they wouldn't go back to the way it use to be. It took them a little time to come to grips with "getting rid of their possessions", and they said it was very emotional, but "their heart feels much lighter now". I guess only those who have made this choice would understand what this person said. They got me thinking about selling everything and I don't know if I am able to do that. Do you have any "take" on this? I'm really curious and seriously looking at all the possibilities and ideas. Thanks again! LovinLife
  4. My husband and I have not decided to live in our coach "full-time" as of yet, but when our home sells we will be making the decision on what to do. I love our coach and we are presently living in it because of a job change in a different area away from where our home is located. We have discussed full-timing many times and tried to figure out what we SHOULD do. We should have good equity out of our home when it sells, but we are not sure we want to sink the most of it into a home where he is now working. Any insight would be appreciated. Now, for the main reason for my writing. As I've said, we love our coach and don't mind living in it, but my problem is, What about the kids? We have two sons and their families, including small granddaughters who want to come to "grandma and grandpa's house." This is a situation that pulls at our heartstrings. I know a lot of you have grandchildren and children that "still come home," so if you have started full-timing, what have you done to take care of "the kids coming home" and "other guests" who come to visit you periodically? Thank you for any ideas. Lovin' Life!
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