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  1. We just purchased a new Allegro Bus and looked at our options for RV insurance. When we notified our current insurance company, GEICO, they wanted, for a similar policy, about $600/year more than what we had been paying...BUT they would only insure us if the deductible was INCREASED from $1000 to $10,000. We have excellent driving records and no accidents, but within the past six months had a claim for vandalism while the motorhome was in storage. That's a ten-fold increase in the deductible!!! The vandalism was covered by our comprehensive clause, and we've since moved to a more secure storage location. (The original storage, although, was in a secured facility. Kids shot the MH with a pellet gun through the chain-link fence.) Wanting to get alternate quotes, we called the FMCA endorsed provider, GMAC. The agent was very pleasant and took all the information, and even solicited insuring both our cars at the same time. He told us that if we agreed to insure both cars, he could approve the policy immediately, but without the cars, it would take an underwriter review that would take 24 hours. We agreed to include both cars, and gave him all the necessary information, only to hear that when he submitted the application, the "system" told him we would need an underwriter review. (misrepresentation #1) He agreed to call us by mid-day the next day. We are on the road traveling until the end of the month. No call. We followed up and left two messages, finally calling the main number for GMAC to try to get a response. After 24 hours, the agent finally called back, telling us that for some reason, the underwriting group hadn't gotten back to him yet. He seemed very surprised, but assured us we would have the review within the next 24 hours (misrepresentation #2) Another day passes without any word. Finally, on the third day, the agent called again and assured us they would soon review the policy, and lots of excuses about workload, lack of the agent getting return calls from underwriters, etc. In the last call, two days ago, he assured us he'd keep working on it, but recommended we renew our existing policy so we would have continued insurance coverage!!! (Recommending we continue to deal with a competitor!) Now, at the end of another business day, no further word from GMAC. This is really amazing to us for a company that carries the FMCA endorsement. Again, we have excellent driving records and the only claim of any substance in all our years of RV ownership has been this vandalism. I think GMAC is simply trying to ignore us and hope we'll go away. This is NOT the kind of service I'd expect for the company that carries FMCA's endorsement, to say the least. If we do not get a response from GMAC by the time we get home, we're filing a complaint with our state insurance commission. I think an applicant, especially one who has the FMCA membership as a reference, deserves a business-like response. The new motorhome cost about $300K. GEICO and GMAC both told us that since it is a "high value" unit, they require special premiums and reviews before approval. I can understand that if we bought a million dollar high=end unit, but one that cost $300K?
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