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  1. We've come across the US west to east mostly on I-10. Is 98 a good road? How many lanes? we've got some time but don't know if this route is much harder than the interstate route. Thanks, Steve
  2. Thanks for the quick response. It's a Winnebago Journey 36' on a Freightliner chassis. This one has a 350hp Caterpillar engine. Manual says it's a 36G. I have not had it weighed and will do that but I feel pretty certain I'm not overloaded. We travel mostly with grey, black and fresh water empty or nearly so .We've been very aware of keeping the weight down plus we have less storage space because the Journey has the heat pump, air conditioning etc in the basement. Really appreciate any words of wisdom. Thanks everyone.
  3. We've got an 04 Winnebago Journey 36G that we purchased in May with 31000 miles. I'm not long on experience driving these things but I think I have to fight the steering wheel too much. It seems like there is too much play in the steering wheel. It sways and wanders and much of the time it just seems like other rigs (that pass me) are not having the same problem. In wind or when trucks pass I really have to adjust. It's got brand new tires. Am I crazy or do a lot of you have these problems? Thanks, Steve
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