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  1. There is nothing on top (Hinged Arm/Bracket). However I suppose I can get a ladder out and take a look and see if there was supposed to be one as I am the second owner......maybe I'm missing something, especially if Winnebago uses a manual rod?? I want to thank wclogger one as solution offered at janeandjohn.org is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thanks to all!!!
  2. We have a 40 Ft Itasca Horizon Diesel pusher. Llove fresh air, but are frustrated with our front enter door. If there is any breeze the door either wants to slam shut or swing dangerously far open, leading me to believe it will snap the door restraint right off. There simply has got to be someone out there with a useful tool (?) or trick to locking these front entry doors in place? Right now my screen door is completely worthless as I can't use it. Help!?
  3. I believe this is in fact a representation of a huge number of folks across the USA. My wife and I love all the natural wonders this country has to offer and we did not want to drag our luggage in and out of hotels, sleep in uncomfortable beds pay for restaurant food etc. etc. We tried a tent....not going to happen. We have been called "Glampers" and it's OK, that is what we are. When we see families in tiny pop ups or large tents, we are thrilled they are out with their families seeing the country, we are just not campers. Yes...we are Rvers. Mark and Kathy
  4. Thank you gentlemen, that sounds like a potential solution!
  5. Out of luck, I just placed the coach in indoor storage for the winter and don't have easy access. Plenty of stock photo's on the web, but after attaching them permission to include them on this post is denied. Both blemishes I have referred to are about the size of a credit card on plastic surfaces, very little help.
  6. I have a 2004 Itasca Horizon. Wear and tear, and age tend to take their toll over time and it's part of the program, but I have two spots on plastic dash panels where, what can be best described as a paper thin layer of "skin", is starting to peal off leaving a slightly darker color exposed underneath. Apparently the replacement panels in that color are no longer available, and the physical dash itself is an incredibly durable Ultraleather like material and is in excellent shape. I hate to cover that up with a dash cover, and even if I did, unless customer ordered, that still leaves one of these peeling area's exposed...thoughts?
  7. Some advice: from my perspective a motorhome is a significant investment, and unless you are a professional mechanic with a lot of expendable cash, it is worth at least considering an extended warranty. Now having said that I am NOT a big fan. Bottom line is these companies are just like any company in that they are in business to make money and will spend time and money looking for any indication your claim may not be covered. I do have an extended warranty and have used it and they did pay, but not but before a fairly painful interrogation process. Best advice I can share is if you decide an extended warranty is for you, make certain you understand just what will be covered and more importantly ask for specific steps to file a claim and the correct timeline in doing so!
  8. We had this issue on our first coach and it was 100% a result of a mouse infestation. I accidentally left a banana and orange in a plastic bag in a drawer in between trips while the coach sat in a storage unit. Gave me the creeps when I saw all that styrofoam fly out of the ducts......good luck!
  9. This might show just how inept I am regarding my lack of basic electrical knowledge but I still am going to ask, if I wanted to add a light underneath our bathroom's medicine cabinet, could I simply buy a small 'hockey puck' style 110 v LED light fixture, or do I need to purchase a 12 volt camping fixture? I planned on tying it into the existing medicine cabinet overhead lights.
  10. Thanks to all. For your comments and support. I have repaired the broken handle on the toilet, and adjusted the igniter on my fridge and now (hopefully) can pickup my repaired coach with a new instrument cluster and get back on the road. Happy travels to all.
  11. OK......6 weeks after the initial incident the problem has been solved. Here is what FCCC told my local Freightliner dealer. The display message center failed on ignition sending a surge a power to all kinds of places it should not have, frying the gauges and damaging the conduit from the main control module in the back of the coach. Power initially appeared present, however it was not "clean"and that main conduit had to be replaced along with display center and all the gauges. That was my pitiful interpretation of the specific's, but it is just that.......an interpretation. I am not an electrical wiz and will admit even trying to share the specific can be frustrating.
  12. 8/6, two days of diagnostics at the local Freightliner shop and still no resolution. I gotta be honest I am losing faith and going broke. My regular maint. guy has read all of your comments and simply exhausted his skills. Local Freightliner authorized dealer seems to be appraoching the same conclusion...which is none.
  13. Sorry, taking it to a dedicated Freightliner service center on Monday 8/4......have exhausted every suggested possibility listed on the forum as well as 1-888 Freightliner service tips. It's a mystery (one I am very unhappy to be the owner of/not the coach, the mystery). I will follow up when this is resolved.
  14. :-) you make a good point regarding the roads north of Two Harbors, I have never traveled the AlCan highway but can't imagine it being much worse than some sections of 61, however there is hope! They were working on a large stretch between Schroeder and Grand Marais!
  15. Just logged back on after our short trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior, all went well from a Freightliner perspective. Mark you are right the control module is actually under the side radiator cover and they are working with Freightliner to resolve the gauge issue. Add to my woes the recall failure of the Norcold high temp sensor and now the flush handle valve shaft (plastic) snapped off of our Dometic Concerto toilet! Thank goodness for vise grips and channel locks. Herman, I called Ghostbusters AND an Exorsist.
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