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  1. Will do. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Good morning, Firstly, as a new user, hello to everyone on here and thanks in advance for any help/advice you may have. I am actually in the UK and am looking at buying a diesel A class in the next twelve months or so to leave in the US and to use for (hopefully) six months of the year, the max a tourist visa will allow. Here's what I have thought/learned already: 1. We would like a 43-45' unit with a bath & ½. We especially like the 44B (Entegra) and similar Tour 'L' lounge layouts 2. If used, tyres & batts a consideration depending upon age 3. Buy private/from dealer only with an independent inspection 4. If from a dealer, look at one with a good/prompt service reputation 5. Various elec 'toys' nice but not crucial (other than a descent CD/audio system 6. 'All elec' sounds the way to go, but again not essential 7. Will probably buy from a Texas or Florida dealer mainly due to choice & experience of selling to overseas customers (registration etc.) - plus both a practical to get to from the UK 8. Buy using an LLC. - Worth looking at I believe? 9. Look at 'home' state for insurance purposes. Have I missed anything? However, what I would really like to hear from people about and I know they are personal opinions, is for a given price, what are the advantages of new vs. used? I know in the UK, my caravan (trailer) from 2006 is far more solid than anything from the last couple of years in the same price bracket. As you can guess, you can't see build quality from a glossy brochure. Entegra owners do seem pleased with their rigs though. (Unlike quite a few Fleetwood Charleston owners I have seen comments from) Assuming I was buying tomorrow, I am talking about say a 2007/8 Rambler/Newmar/Monaco vs. a new Entegra. My budget is around $175k-$250 at todays prices. The opinions I have read so far seem to say build quality is better/more solid for the older models, but newer models other than perhaps looking more modern have more updated electronics/toys etc. Also, I realise all coaches are going to depreciate, but like cars, is the biggest hit in the first 2/3/4 years? Again, thanks in advance for any help or opinions anyone has. They really would be appreciated. (Apologies for the long post as well)
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