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  1. Is there anyone out there who has a Winn 30T that has the 'tail wags dog' handling issue with this particular model. The coach wanders and won't track at highway speeds. The problem can be effectively dealt with by installing after market suspension equipment, which Winnebago refuses to cover, nor will the company acknowledge the problem. We are looking for more folks with this issue who would like to come together to encourage the company to act responsibly in this matter. We can be reached at rajport@charter.net.
  2. We are looking for owners of the Winn 30T who are unhappy with the handling performance at highway speed of their 30T. Please contact us at rajport@charter.net. we need to talk. thanks RJ
  3. We had a 30T last year which handled poorly and we had to add on the after market suspension kit to improve safety at highway speed as it wouldn't track and did the 'tail wags dog' over 45mph. Winnebago wouldn't take responsibility for problem in any way. We are looking for other 30T owners with the same problem. I can be reached by email rajport@charter.net. RJ
  4. it's a Ford chassis. All specs of this are on line. I'm pretty sure all Vista 30ts have the same Ford chassis. R
  5. We purchased a 2013 Winnebago Vista 30t back in April from Litchsinn motors in Forest City Iowa. It handled poorly and was dangerous to drive at highway speeds. We had suspension stabilization gear installed in front and rear which took care of the problem. Winnebago Ind refuses to address this issue and will not reimburse us for the cost to make the coach safe to drive at highway speeds. Has anyone else had this problem ?? Please respond. r johnson
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