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  1. Can you use either trailer by themselves? If you can has anyone done this and individually how do they tow?
  2. Do your homework-check check check the unit if you buy from them-make sure all promises are fulfilled before you give final payment-If uncomfortable, walk. They do have great prices but it starts to deteriorate after that.
  3. Thanks for the input. I feel better now looking at the brands mentioned.
  4. Any suggestions on carrier for Super C (engine up front) . I understand that if it is not designed for motorhomes because of constant up/down motion the unit will suffer potential problems. I'm looking to carry a scooter or a motorcycle which weighs around 350/400 lbs. Thanks
  5. Thanks-here in NH/Ma there doesn't seem to be anyone with units in stock. Like to see before I buy-internet helps but not the same-reviews are the best.
  6. Looking to buy a dolly-any input on some popular brands would be appreciated ie. Roadmaster, master tow? Product quality-ease of use-and any problems you have encountered.
  7. Thanks for all the input. I have a super C with a Frieghtliner M2 chassis. I'll check all the particulars and some of the other options mentioned.
  8. Looking for comments from anyone having experience with the Hydralift motorcycle carrier. Thanks
  9. Did a chapter for Dynamax ever come together-are there enough units on the road to create an interest-if for nothing more than sharing information on issues,problems,suggestions or meeting up at a rally?
  10. Great Idea. Spares are what "keeps America rolling". I did purchase a Dynamax XL360. Haven't had much time to give a real good laymans opinion-I will in time. So far it drives great-highway and tight areas. The Cummins 350hp-1000 lbs torque seems to be a great match.
  11. Blueflame, I share your thoughts about the Super C. A service manager at a Freightliner Service Center mentioned to make sure when we go in for service-emergency or normal-tell the center that it is on an M2 chasis. Some of the same services on a DP can take longer and is not sometimes viewed favorably by the tech doing the work. The easy access to the engine makes viewing/checking fluids etc easy and will typically result in a willingness to check them. The DP has its advantages it all comes down to personal preference.
  12. I'm sure your correct. What I was referring to is the design/M2 Chassis lends itself to a more favorable reaction by not only Freightlner centers but Truck repair centers in general.
  13. Thanks-I am looking just for the original MFG-I am skeptical about some aftermarket warranties-many companies on the auto side are here today gone tomorrow. Cummins is the one I am looking for and also Freightliner. Dealing directly with the MFG with any issues makes the coverage by the respective dealer a whole lot easier.
  14. In the process of purchasing a Dynamax with the ISC 8.3. Is there an extended engine warranty available-If so is it directly through Cummins?
  15. Yes, I do like the look of the super C but more importantly is the easy access to the engine compartment for servicing and ease of checking fluids etc-being a true truck chassis. The amount of Freightliner service centers around the US adds a level of comfort while traveling.
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