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  1. Thank you everyone for your thoughts. Given my predicament, I think my best option is a tow dolly with some sort of brakes, and more people suggest the electric brakes, so electric brakes it may be. I just hope it is as easy as when I was flat towing my manual trans car.
  2. I had a manual car that was at end of lease. I got an automatic without thinking it through so that my 16 year old could use during after school activities. Well now I am in a pickle. So I believe a dolly is my only options at this point. Having that said, I am thinking of one that would handle about 3000lbs like this guy. (http://theusatrailerstore.com/products/additional-trailers/tow-max-heavy-duty-car-tow-dolly.html?gclid=CKTCjbTt2rsCFRBnOgodLlAAwQ). surge brakes or electronics??? Maybe the other good thing would be that I could haul any small car with this..
  3. Great feedback. OK. So how does everyone feel about a tow dolly and any suggestions on a model or brand?
  4. Hi, I am new to the scene. We have a 30' RV with which we would like to two a small car behind. We would like to (flat tow, 4 down). Can any one tell me whether or not I need supplemental braking installed i.e. surge or electric? Thank you for your knowledge.
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