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    Norcold Fins

    Half of the fins are freezing up on Norcold 1211 IMT . Defrosted and it is still freezing up. Any ideas?
  2. ONE: David Two: United States Navy Three: 21 Years 1 Month Actual 22 Years for Pay Purpose Four: Chief Petty Officer Five: Signalman 1st 5 years, Data Processing (Computer Operator, Programmer, Programmer Analyst) Six: USS Vogelgesang DD-862, (Homeported Charleston, SC, Boston Mass. (FRAM), Norfolk, Va., USS Kenneth D Bailey DDR-713, (Homeported Mayport, Fl), Bainbridge, Md(School), Norfolk Va, London, England, Washington, DC, USS Eisenhower CVN 69, Retired while in the Indian Ocean. I am a third generation military, I served 1959 - 1980. Got to see & go to a lot of interesting places.
  3. I checked the recommended weight on the info sticker in the coach and it said all tires should be 120 psi. Thanks for the help and I found out that all Wal-marts that have a service facility will also air tires.
  4. What type/size air compressor would I need to help keep my motorhome tires inflated to 120 PSI? It is hard to find a reliable service provider on the highway when you need to top off the tires. David & Sandy Kelly 2008 Coachman Sportscoach Elite Cummins 360 Toad 2011 Ford Escape Companion Chloe (MaltiPoo)
  5. I have a 2008 Coachman Sportscoach Elite and the emercency start switch has a green light that blinks every 30 seconds. Is this normal or do I have a problem? David Kelly
  6. Verizon and sprint have what they call mi-fi modem router combo which will handle up to 5 devices for a cost of about $60.00 a month. Worth checking into. David
  7. Does anyone know the proper procedure to button up a class A motorhome in the event of a Tornado or Hurricane in the immediate area? Kellyds USN Retired Chief 22 Yrs Spring Hill, Fl dkelly80@yahoo.com
  8. Look at the Crickett it will come apart to fit in small places like the back of a HHR. ret USN CPO David
  9. I was a Blackshoe 1959-1980 Data Processing last served on the IKE CVN 69
  10. I have a 2008 HHR and I purchased a in-line fuse switch for fuse #2 it works great and is easy to use and install. Purchased on-line at RV-Partsplus.com under accessories. Would highly recommend this to anyone who has to pull a fuse to tow. David Kelly ret USN CPO
  11. We are looking into buyings a Sportscoach Elite QS 40. Trying to find reviews on Internet but not having much luck. If anyone owns one or knows anthing of their track record or info about Coachmen, please let me know. Is this a good coach or if I should look elsewhere? David Kelly ret. USN CPO
  12. In one of the magazines there was an article about a couple touring with a new Winnebago Journey 34Y Hybrid. Does anyone recall that article? It was within the last four months.
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