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  1. ONE: David

    Two: United States Navy

    Three: 21 Years 1 Month Actual 22 Years for Pay Purpose

    Four: Chief Petty Officer

    Five: Signalman 1st 5 years, Data Processing (Computer Operator, Programmer, Programmer Analyst)

    Six: USS Vogelgesang DD-862, (Homeported Charleston, SC, Boston Mass. (FRAM), Norfolk, Va., USS Kenneth D Bailey DDR-713, (Homeported Mayport, Fl),

    Bainbridge, Md(School), Norfolk Va, London, England, Washington, DC, USS Eisenhower CVN 69, Retired while in the Indian Ocean.

    I am a third generation military, I served 1959 - 1980. Got to see & go to a lot of interesting places.

  2. When I was at the FMCA Rally in Bowling Green last year, the guy next to us purchased an electric cart (4 place) that would collapse enough to fit in the back of his Jeep.

    Any idea who makes these? And do they qualify for the electric vehicle rebate?



    Look at the Crickett it will come apart to fit in small places like the back of a HHR.

    ret USN CPO


  3. Welcome to the Forum Cheif. Airdale or Black shoe?

    Airdale my self 1956 to 1964, last USS Wasp CAV-18.

    If you are looking for a preowned coach a good place to look is


    Paul really knows how to show a coach and has good coaches to sell.

    I was a Blackshoe 1959-1980 Data Processing last served on the IKE CVN 69

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