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  1. Thanks so much guys. I appreciate the time you took to answer. My knowledge base is continually growing. Dave C
  2. We are moving ahead to go full time next Fall. We are in the market for a gently used Dutch (or Northern) Star. But, wondering what the deal is on heating for the basement compartments. Are any/some/all of them heated? Is it controllable? Etc. Any other issues I need to know about concerning cold weather? Also, what would you think about a 9 year old DS that has not been used in the last couple of years? Any deal breakers? Or, should I just budget/negotiate several thousands for probable updates and repairs. Thanks to all! Dave & Becky
  3. Hi all - We are only about 12 months from our long-awaited RV take off!! Yay!! One of many questions I'll be asking... What procedures do you go through when you hear a strong storm is on the way? Heavy rain and strong gusty winds, etc. Thanks! BTW: We will be seriously looking this Spring (2015) for a gently-used pusher. Probably 2005-2008ish. (Love those Dutch Stars!) Let us know if you are ready to get off the road. Dave & Becky
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