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  1. Okay, all very good input. I was just trying to see what would be reasonabale usage for a generator when looking through the many used Class A ads. With a minimum life of 2000 hours, 500-1000 hours on a 10-12 year old coach may be okay.
  2. Thanks very much! But it seems like there is an hour indicator on the generator, is this correct? So I am just curious as to the life expectancy of the generator. Seems most are using the same brand generator. Any ideas on generator life expectancy?
  3. Hello! I am looking to buy a used Class A or Class C and have seen varying levels of generator usage ranging from 25 hours to 500+ hours. Can some of you expereinced folk out there tell me what you think qualifies as Low, Medium, and High generator usage? Thanks! K.William
  4. Kay, yes, that does help and a good idea. I think I have previously moved homes with a 22-24 footer and no issues that I recall. By the way, have you ever heard of car rental agencies delivering cars to the RV park? Or is it more likely that we would drop someone off to do the rental and then meet-up back at the RV park?
  5. Thanks Kay! The local rental option may be the best. I have heard that some rental agencies will deliver the car to the RV park. Is this something you have experienced? I have rented many cars and not heard of this, but maybe it is a service they provide specifically to the RV parks. Also, back to the practicality of using one's coach for local transportation, let me ask it this way. What length coach would you be comfortable driving as your local transportation at your destination and not tow or rent a second vehicle? Would 20 or 22 feet make that a reasonable consideration? Thanks, William
  6. Hello Everyone! I have been reading posts on this forum for the past few weeks while starting my first-ever motorhome research and purchase project. I've seen a lot online, been to one dealership, and read the short, but informative "Buying a Used Motorhome" by Bill Myers. My initial interest was in a Class A coach due to the comfort, stronger chassis and load capacity, and low resale prices for a 6-8 year old model with low miles But because it will just be my wife and I traveling 2-3 times yearly for 10-14 days at time, I am now considering a used Class B+. My question is, is there a general demarcation in coach length where the coach becomes manageable for local driving (at the destination) and a second vehicle does not need to be towed or rented? I see some regular Class B van type coaches at 24 feet in length which presumably are relatively manueverable in the city, but what about a 26, 27 or 28 foot Class B+? I can justify the $40,000 investment in a used coach, but not in a second vehicle just for towing. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks very much! William
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