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  1. We have a basement compartment with a broken handle and the bay is locked. The bay is on the passenger side so we can't access it through the other side. 2000 Safari Zanzibar
  2. When closing the rear bedroom slide, it will close but immediately comes back out at the top about 1/2".
  3. The part number off the original fan motor was UN18-411 - we were able to cross reference the number, thanks to Alan @ Harold Electric. The blower motor on a 1995 Chev 1500 1/2 ton 4WD pickup is the exact fit and that part number is 655-1744. Thanks for all the good information earlier!
  4. We have located the dash heater motor and it needs to be replaced - it looks like the original motor. We have checked our local parts stores and the part number doesn't seem to be something that we can cross reference. Is this something that we will have to order from Monaco?
  5. Thanks for that information. It is the dash heater fan that screeches in all the speeds, much worse on high. I don't think it is the wiring it's just the fan - I probably posted this in the wrong category.
  6. We have a 2000 Safari Zanzibar and need to replace the heater fan. We need help finding the fan and maybe some tips on replacing it. Thank you.
  7. We just replaced the two rear air bags on our coach while in Arizona this winter. The RV center we used couldn't find any part stores that could cross reference the part numbers so we had to call Monaco. They used a company out of Texas to get us the baffles at a cost of $815 per bag, when all was said and done the bill was over $2,200. We would like to be proactive and replace the front bags before we break down on the road again - does anyone know of an outlet other than going through Monaco?
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