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  1. Problem solved! Corroded connection on battery wire to pump. 10 cent part replaced, system works agsin.
  2. Batteries are good. Need ac power from ground power or generator to run the pump. I have checked the harness visually, but don’t have the skill to do a continuity check. Pat
  3. I have a 2003 Fleetwood Providence with power gear manual hydraulic leveling system. After a recent trip the power would come on but jacks would not extend (coach running, air system bled down, full fluid level, power panel 10A fuse good, 10A fuse on pump harness good). I took it to RV repair, they said it worked fine, I tried before I left and front jacks went down, but would not retract. New control panel, same issue, no change. What am I missing. Currently when I turn on power to panel it shows jacks down, but all are retracted. If I turn off parking brake, and put in gear it sounds alarm and flashes. I appreciate any help. pat Photos of jack pump assembly and contol pane are below.
  4. Problem fixed! Thanks to all for your time and info. Talked to my diesel repair shop and he led me through bypassing the air-dryer. Two new wrenches, $10 in fittings and dryer is bypassed. I now have 130psi to the coach again. Driving the RV to the repair shop next week for a new air-dryer and my annual fluid/filter changes. Pat
  5. Thanks for all of the replies. The air dryer was last serviced three years ago. I have been out of town all day, but will check out the air dryer and report back Saturday night. Hoping for warmer weather, in the 50's tomorrow, to thaw out any potential frozen lines. Pat
  6. Tried to go on a trip today but I have no chassis air. Both air gauges read zero, the low air horn is on, and the low air warning light is on. No brake line air, no suspension air. Emergency parking brake is engaged. RV stuck in driveway. Temperature today in the mid 40's. The repair shop thought that air system governor might be frozen. I do not hear any air leaks in the RV or under the frame. Where is the air pump governor on a CAT 326? Shouldn't running the engine at idle for 30 minutes thaw it out? Next step, putting heat lamp on the air dryer. Any other suggestions? Thanks, Pat
  7. Took motorhome to Freightliner for ECM programming. $1,556 later I have an RV that runs good, but I still need to go back to have the proper speedometer calibration. It currently indicates 10mph low. At least I now have a printout of all of the inputs to program the ECM. Not very happy with the experience. Pat
  8. Thanks for the input. The Cat dealer afternoon shift stated that they no longer work on motorhomes. I am still waiting on a call from the shop supervisor. The truck repair shop didn’t have the Cat program to complete the programming. I hope it all works out with a phone call and a trip to catepillar next week. I am learning way too much about this. Pat
  9. My 2003 Fleetwood Providence, Freightliner chasis, Cat 3126 engine, stopped running on I-35 in Iowa last week. After a tow to a local shop, teoubleshooting revealed probable ECM failure. ECM was taken to Catepillar in Altoona for check. Result bad ECM. New ECM sent back and installed. Now I need the new ECM programmed. Who would have the proper/original program? Fleetwood, Freightliner, Catepillar? The RV runs, but no cruise control, no speedometer calibration, etc... Waiting on return call from Zeigler Cat to see if they will finish programming the ECU. Thanks for the help, Pat
  10. Thanks for the replies. I DID find the pictures that I took of the connections earlier (misplaced in the wrong folder). I also found the electrical diagrams from Fleetwood from my alternator troubleshooting of 2015. It should be back together this afternoon. Pat
  11. I have a 2003 Fleetwood Providence. I run 4 six volt batteries in series-parallel configuration. Tonight I did my twice yearly battery post cleaning, distilled water top off, and I must have put the cables from the RV on the wrong terminal posts. I have four cables from the coach to the battery bank and also one heat sensor for the inverter. My question - the big cable from the coach has a yellow marking on the end of it; which battery post should I put it on? I label my batteries 1 2 3 4, number 4 being the most aft battery. Any help is appreciated, I will also call Fleetwood Monday morning for an electrical diagram. Pat
  12. I have a 2003 Fleetwood Providence; places I would check: at the inverter/charger there are two breakers (I always have to reset one after I use the microwave and vacuum or hairdryer at the same time). Also check the bathroom outlet to see if the GFI is tripped. There is another GFI somewhere in the coach, find and check it also. If all that fails, I have a circuit breaker panel at the foot of the bed behind a panel; check there. Pat
  13. I begin heating the water when I leave home, and turn it off after the last shower on the last day. I have propane at the house and have trained my propane distributer to fill up the RV when servicing the two 500 gallon tanks for the house. I now save 75% on propane cost. Pat
  14. I had the same problem on my 2003 Fleetwood Providence on a Frieghtliner chassis with a Cat engine. Luckily I could charge the main batteries with the generator while driving. I first called Fleetwood and received 20 pages of electrical information. I spent a day checking the operation of the aux start/charge switch. It worked as described. Checked all related fuses, and battery isolation switches and CB. Learned a lot that day. Eventually I had to remove the closet floor and get a reading off the alternator as Brett suggested. 12.2 volts - same as the main battery. Asked a friend where to take it for alternator work and got good advice. After talking with ACK electric in Des Moines several times, and sending a picture of the alternator, we had a plan. Picked up a new, more powerful alternator (DelcoRemy 24SI HP) and advice on who to install it. Ended up at Pro Diesel in Des Moines and had it changed out in two days, 3 hours shop time. New alternator working perfectly. I also had the air cleaner replaced while they were working in the area. Overall a pleasant experience and I learned much about RV electrics. Pat
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