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  1. We have had a Directv account for years at our S&B. This year we upgraded our coach to Directv HD with the Winegard Traveler. We added a new DVR to the front, and moved the old receiver to the rear TV. We called Directv told them we wanted to add the new DVR to our account. We just called it another room, so both coach receivers are part of our S&B account. The winegard installer configured it to the new dish appropriately. When we travel, to keep our local channels, we simply call Directv and change our service address to the park where we are staying. By the time we get off the phone, we are receiving the new channels. As snowbirds, this works well for us since we tend to stay at a park for a month or so at a time. When traveling, we don't bother changing service address, but just use the antenna for locals.
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