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  1. This is great information. I am pretty good at replacing and repairing mechanical stuff as I do quite a bit of my own work ... I'm just a little inexperienced with diesels/rvs and diagnosing. I figured it had to be something in between the batteries and the starter, but if I had it towed to a place or had a mobile mechanic go out to the site, I know I could start to hemorrhage money. It is a Cummins, and I was able to pull the fan blade to see if the motor was turning. The (2) 12v batteries are marked march 2012. With the input you both gave me, it gives me the confidence to pull the batteries, have them tested, and then replace if needed. I really appreciate your input, as it might enable me to take my wife and 4 kids on a short spring break trip while the kids are off school and before I have to go on training with the Army National Guard. I will let you know how my troubleshooting turns out. Thanks Again, Blake Stanley, US Army National Guard, Warrant Officer Candidate
  2. Having a problem starting1992 Gulf Stream Sun voyager Diesel Pusher. We first noticed a week start while camping in October, warm weather. The next time we tried to start it, it would crank but wore down the battery. This time we hooked it up to jumper cables and battery is maintaining a 13-14 volt charge, BUT when turning ignition, I may get 1-2 weak cranks, but then is followed by clicking noise from starter/solenoid, I think. I made repeated attempts over a period of an hour, the whole time with the voltmeter indicating full charge, but then all of a sudden, it stopped it's weak 1-2 cranks and clicking noise, and the voltmeter dropped almost to zero, and then after letting it sit for a few minutes, still being charged by jumper cables, the highest voltage indicated maybe 6-8, and dropping to about 2 or less when turning the key ... not even enough voltage to keep buzzer going for the key-ignition-on position. When I bought the RV, the owner had his first ever problem with it not starting during our test drive in May 2013. He had a new starter, solenoid, and voltage regulator put on at Kenworth Trucks here in St. Louis. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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