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  1. I'm looking for suggestions as to where I might store my 35' motor home during the NOV-DEC time frame while we return via "TOAD VEHICLE" to COLD, SNOWY PA over the holidays. I'm thinking possibly a military or other DOD facility in FL, GA or SC? While in PA I'm able to store it a very reasonable cost at my local USN depot during the warmer months: ANY useful suggestions are appreciated!!!
  2. Mable, THANKS: yes, I've viewed that website quite a bit. I'm just looking for some recommendations from folks who've had some "first-hand" experiences.
  3. I'm just starting my "RV ADVENTURE" and, as a U.S. military retiree, I'm hoping for some GREAT visits to U.S. military bases. In the near-term "honey-bunch" (AKA "She who MUST be obeyed!") & I will probably stick near the Eastern seaboard - well, east of the Mississippi, anyways - and I'm looking for some recommendations of "top-notch" military RV parks to visit in that area. Appreciate any suggestions - please include comment as to WHY you like a particular facility. THANKS!!!
  4. 1. John Schnee 2. AD USAF, PaANG 3. 1977-2004 4. MSgt (E-7) 5. Logistics (10 years), Transportation (2 years), Recruiting (16 years) 6. Texas, W. Germany (Includes TDY to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), Mass. & RI (ADAF Recruiting), Harrisburg, PA - 2 tours to Saudi Arabia during DESERT SHIELD/STORM) Soon to finish up 5 years civil service as Navy "Item Manager" in Pa: purchased 1st motorhome (35' Bounder) recently and VERY MUCH looking forward to getting out to see the USA! (Guess I'm one of those "oddball military retirees" who didn't get near enough travel! ) Looking forward to visiting many of the CONUS military bases I only heard about! Looking forward meeting many of you "out on the road" (unless you were one of my RECRUITS, then perhaps not. )
  5. Thanks to all for your input - I'm sure we'll figure all this out over time. Frankly I think that "honey-bunch" is going to enjoy the shopping, decorating & outfitting as much as we both look forward to the actual traveling!
  6. We've just recently purchased our first motorhome (2014 Fleetwood Bounder 35') - actually bought it in Feb but won't pick it up & drive it back to PA until late April - and although our brother & sister-in-law, who've had motorhomes or 5th wheel for about 6 years & have been a HUGE help we'd like to know from this forum: "What did you NOT have but wish you had taken along on YOUR first trip with your motorhome? What did you have to run out and get as soon as you got back from YOUR first trip?" Appreciate any WORDS OF WISDOM! THANKS!!!
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