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  1. PhaetonDriver, Just got off the phone with a wonderful helpful lady at the number you listed in your post which connects with an automated system for scheduling exam appointments. I chose the "speak to a representative" option. Told her I was already a licensed driver in PA but needed a license to drive my MH that is over 26001#. She said I only had to fill out form DL901 which is a non commercial driver's license/ID Card/Learner's permit application to renew/replace/change/correct. Check the Driver's license box at the top. Fill out sections A, B - checking the change/correct box and license/ID card box and in section C in the space marked OTHER CHANGES write "change from non commercial class C to a non commercial class A." Sign at the bottom. Write a check for the fee and take it to the PennDott location closest to me. NO WRITTEN OR DRIVING TEST REQUIRED. Now I have done everything except take my check and filled out form down to the PennDot location, so we'll see if this works out like Ellie said it would.
  2. PhaetonDriver, Have you gotten your non commercial class b yet? I, too, live in PA and am having difficulty obtaining my non comm class b for my Winnebago Journey that I have been driving since 2006. Already been to the local license/driving center, they have no clue. Called Harrisburg, still waiting for a call back from the "experts". Also, according to what I have read, I need someone who already has a non comm class b to drive with me to the testing site, which I have no clue as to the location for handling Class A MH - I don't know anyone with this type of drivers license so don't know what to do.
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