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  1. Have not stayed at Ocean Lakes, but I have stayed at Pirate Land and Lakewood. Can say nothing bad about either, they are very comparable. Pirateland seemed to be more child friendly, but this year Lakewood has new water park. Lakewood had several restaurants on site and pools. Recommend stay away from shaded area, no grass lots of dirt. Have a good time.
  2. vickyr

    Slide Supports

    I have a 08 28' Lexington GTS. The slides are not very deep. I have them extended when camping the longest continuous period of time has been 10 days. Thank you very much. I think I will save my money.
  3. We travel in an 08 Lexington (B+). The issue of the overhang is a non issue and the space over the cab is the entertainment center. With 3 slides the 28' unit is plenty large for the two of us and 2 parrots. When we are parked the wasted front space is the storage area and bird room. The beauty of the size is that we have been able to park almost anywhere. The unit only takes up 2 parking spots front to back. We have driven though some narrow New Engladnd town streets with no problems. To date we have had no problems..note to date. The extra room with the 3 slides is the difference between plenty of room and a crowd.
  4. vickyr

    Slide Supports

    I have been told that I should have my slides supported. It seems like a good idea, but is it necessary?
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