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  1. I recently upgraded my tow vehicle from a 2000 Honda Accord (towed four down) to a 2008 Honda Accord. This vehicle according to all the information I could gather should not be towed four down. I purchased an Acme Tow Dolly to tow this car. It appears this will not be too much of a hassle except at my advanced age I find it difficult to lift the dolly to move it. I purchased a regular boat trailer jack , but am unable to use it because the surge brake line runs under the tongue and this is a side mount jack. If anyone has had this problem and solved it, I would be very interested in your solution. Thank you email wjpontiff@att.net
  2. This has nothing to do with fans....but I posted a reply about a recent refrigerator fire in a Norcold 1201 lrim unit on another page....Electrical Fires. WPontiff
  3. To offer a heads up to everyone. I recently had a refrigerator fire..My unit is a Norcold 1201lrim which never had a recall. We were fortunate that we were in the motorhome at the time. The carbon monoxide alarm went off and I started checking and found that the wires on the refrigerator were burning. I was able to extinguish the fire using two fire extinguishers. This saved my MH from further damage. It is my understanding(I got this from the insurance inspector) that presently there are 12 Norcold refrigerator fires in the state of Louisiana alone, that are waiting for an inspector from Norcold to review them. I have spoken to numerous people in campgrounds and at rallies they have had or have heard of fires with these units. Needless to say insurance company will do there best to not have to cover these units. My MH is 5 years old and I am being told that it is out of warranty so if Norcold does not cover it then Progressive will not. So I am presently in a holding pattern waiting on the Norcold inspector to make a decision on my unit. WPontiff
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