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  1. Thanks for this suggestion. After reviewing all of the FMCA tow guides, this seems like it might be the perfect choice. Which company base plate are your using? We had been towing the Cavalier with a Falcon 2, and a Brake Buddy.
  2. Do appreciate your reply. I realized from the suggestions coming in that I should have provided more detail in my original post to narrow the suggestions. I edited my post today, with additonal detail. For my wife's sake, we'd prefer to stick with an automatic. All we did with the Cavalier was put the trans in neutral and the key in the first postion. No battery drain, no mileage registering on the odometer. I'm replacing the car because the frame rotted out, and is no longer safe. I have access to all of the FMCA towing guides - but a place to start is always nice. Thanks
  3. I need to replace my tow car. When we started towing 4 down 12 years ago, the Saturn was the popular choice. Is there a choice like that now? Any suggestions would be appreciated. We've been towing a 2000 Chevy Cavalier, 4 speed auto transmission, under 3,000 lbs. No modifications were necessary. Very simple to use. Weight is a problem for me as i'm driving a Minnie Winne. Found a tow as of 4/24. Thanks to all who have responded. Found a 2010 Chevy Cobalt - ignition switch recall fixed - under 3,000 lbs, same as the Cavalier, just pull one fuse.
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