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  1. Lenpa and Mable I have a dumb question. By "dropping the tank" do you mean disconnecting the gas tank and lowering it? Do you mean just emptying it? Thanks for previous and thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for all the responses! The generator is a gasoline Onan 5000 GenSet on the plate it on label on the side it says 4.8kW Model 5BGEFA26100M. I have tried what I can as far as fixing it in its place. (did not even start when I bought it a couple years ago.) -mistakenly replace the starter solenoid thinking it was why it was not starting -Replaced voltage controller (that got it to start) -blew sea foam through it per directions (helped a little) -adjust governer (that was an improvement) of course the oil has been changed. oil filter too. oh yes and the spark plugs. I think the valves are not setting right. It needs a tear down. The thing has been neglected. Previous owner always had hook ups. I am not doing much better by it. I have a 750W solar panel system. If I can brag. We can boon dock and have all the power we need. If it was up to me I would pull the thing out and never look back and smile for lowering the weight of the rig. ...but the better half wants a generator. love honor obey etc...I am getting a honda eu2000i. Enough off my life story. aztec7fan thanks for the suggestion of raising the fuel line above the gas tank. Unfortunately do to the geometry of the line and gas tank that is not an option. I really like the idea of capping it off with a brass connector fitting that will allow it to be tapped in the future if necessary. Thanks! Will try that.
  3. I want to remove the generator from my RV. I am looking for the proper way to pinch off the fuel line running to it. I have an old generator in our 96 Winnebago Adventurer. The generator has trouble maintaining 60Hz and stable voltage. I want to either replace it(most likely) or try my hand at fixing it more. Fixing it in place is a pain because of poor access and visibility to see what you are doing. The generator has a feed line coming from the RV's gasoline tank. If I want to remove the generator I need some way of pinching off the fuel line. The fuel line emerges from somewhere in the vicinity of where the gas tank is refilled as a solid tube, then runs as a rubber hose to the generator itself for about 12". My guess is to use some clamp on the rubber line. But my concern is that a clamp might damage the line and cause a leak. Does anyone know how to do it right? Am I being paranoid? A permanent solution would be nice. But I will settle for a good temporary one. Thanks in advance.
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