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  1. His driveway would be great, if it wasn't so short and the development didn't have rules against it. I'll call a couple of the campgrounds in the area and see if they have an overflow area. Thanks.
  2. We'll be visiting my brother-in-law in Vero Beach next month, but he insists we stay with him. So I'm looking for a place to safely park my 40' motorhome for maybe a week. I don't want to pay full price at a resort/campground when I only need a safe parking place. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Thanks, Bob. I hope to talk to Monaco tomorrow or Tuesday.
  4. Thanks for the response. I know I can lower the center section and let it hang by the hinges, but I'm confused when you say the mirror (although mine is not a mirror, but either a frosted glass or a clear glass with something behind it) comes out the back. It's all one piece with the center cut out.
  5. I have a 2000 Monaco Signature Admiral that I purchased last year from the original owner. It was well-maintained by the previous owner in Florida, but this morning I discovered that this winter in northeast Ohio caused a major problem for me. In this model the ceiling has glass panels in the front and bedroom, and both of these have cracks in them now. Since the coach is/was stored outside, I’m guessing it was from snow, as there is no evidence of leaks. I need to contact my insurance on Monday to make sure it’s covered, but where can I get this repaired? Are the glass panels even available? Do I need to come to the factory? I’m at a loss, and very upset. Below are a couple of pictures of the damage. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thank you.
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