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  1. When I had my Roadmaster installed they told me to gently steer to the right and then to the left, tow bar will seat, worked everytime I did it.
  2. PLEASE, when you overnight at a Flying J or any other parking area; 1 only use one parking area! If you feel you need to put your slides out, don't block an adjacent parking slot. 2: Turn your generator off after 10:00, ESPECIALLY DIESELS! If you have a Motor Coach that you feel you can take up that much space and run your generator all night, you can afford to stay in a camp resort or campground! The sound and smell of your rig makes for a bad night for us who need to stop for a few hours of rest. Flying J will not bother you, but you may run into someone who will make your stop not so enjoyable. Had 3 Motor coaches with FMCA tags at a Flying J in Brunswick GA with slides out, generators running taking up multiple parking slots. Please, think of others when you pull in for the night. Would you want someone with a noisy stinking gas generator parked next to you? As a member of FMCA you should be an example of what good motorhome/coach travel should be. Thank you for letting me vent. We all need to be considerate to our fellow travelers, whether we are in mega-motor coaches, class A's, C's or pop-ups.
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