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  1. There is no manual dump on our coach. The system is set to dump once you turn on the jacks and extend. Then it dumps the air and the coach squats as the levelers start their journey to the ground. We were both in the front seats, so we didn't see anything, but the jacks were still deploying, humming right along when the incident occurred until I pressed the off button. When we then did a walk around and inspected, one jack was still not on the ground. Dale
  2. I know Atwood was bought by Lippert, but they are not making this system nor are they servicing existing ones. We normally go to neutral, set brake, engage jacks. The system dumps the air first, then lowers the jacks. Shut off engine, then slides come out. Just the way it's done on ours. Except now, I'm not putting the jacks down at all until I get them inspected. Not taking a chance on the system hanging up. Got DH's doctor appointments coming up and can't miss them. Just trying to figure out what likely happened and if there is someplace we should be inspecting for damage. Jacks themselves all seem intact and looking innocent. Dale
  3. Well, yeah, but Atwood is gone, gone gone. And our system is no longer made. They are all electric and have all been individually replaced at different times. We know the problem was with the jacks, but I want to know what happened to cause the bucking. The control board could be involved.
  4. Our system dumps the air and as the coach squats down, the jacks extend. They are electric and not horizontal. They have plates that extend down to the ground and pull straight up when retracted.
  5. Yesterday while leveling our 40' Phaeton, everything seemed fine. We were on a campsite, down in back and jacks were deploying, etc. All of a sudden, we heard loud noises, like gunshots, something breaking, and the 40' motorhome started bucking like teenagers' car with those hydraulics. I'm not kidding. It was violent (no alarms) and tossed us up and off our seats in the front 3 times in rapid succession. I grabbed the seat arm to steady myself and punched the on/off switch on the Atwood Level legs. That stopped it, but we were badly shaken. When it first happened, I thought I was crashing into something, but of course, we were in neutral with the air brake on. No idea what had just happened. Got out, looked around, nothing amiss, but the jacks were not all down and we weren't level. It obviously has to have something to do with them. Tenderly I turned on the Level legs again and retracted. Worked just like clockwork and nothing else happened. All retracted, no alarms, etc. Decided NOT to use them again till we can get them serviced. We started up and moved to a level site without any problems. I restarted the motorhome to make sure it aired up and popped off. No problem. When I later went to get something out of my closet in the far back, all my hanging clothes had "jumped" the rod and were tossed in the bottom of the closet. Not a big deal, but I'm telling you, this was an extremely violent bucking and I'm worried about other damage that may have occurred. Any idea what happened with those jacks? DH checked this morning and all four mounting bolts are in position on the level legs and they show no "slippage" on the mounts. Our friend 2 sites over did not see what happened but knew we were backing in and thought we had gone too far and that we had crashed over the bank into the large deep ditch. It rained all evening, so we didn't inspect much last night but can look more today. We have a 2006 Phaeton QSH with 350 Cat, ATwood Level legs. Bought new and tenderly cared for. Dale
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