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  1. Thank you both for the info. I'll have them checked and then decide what to do.
  2. I did a search in this topic and did not find anything about rotating tires. First, should you rotate tires on a motorhome, and second, when (mileage) should you do it? Thank you, Kathy
  3. Magic Eraser works great, or spray clorox directly on stain. I've done both with great results
  4. For most owners of larger coaches it is just advisable to bring your rig into a local tire shop periodically and have them check the pressure if you don't have access to an appropriate compressor. I do this at the start of every trip and tip the guy that checks the pressure for me. I just don't want to be a bother to them. I am just concerned about them on the road. I read somewhere you were supposed to check the tires every day. Great, but if they need air???? I am so pleased to read all these responses and get all this great information. I really thought it was something I was doing wrong. Nice to know it is the little compressors with not enough CFM, not me. Thank you all so much. I've learned a lot here. Will print and save in my 'book'. I get so much conflicting advice.
  5. Yeah, that's probably not going to be feasible for me to do, but the CFM is a new term to me. What does CFM stand for, and how much do I need to have to put air in these tires. If you are supposed to check the tire pressure when they are cold, seems to me there should be something that you can carry with you to correct the situation if need be. Is an on-board air system something you can add to the coach? What is the approximate cost? Thanks, Kathy
  6. Thank you. It is a 1999 Flleetwood Southwind, on a Ford Chassis. The psi on the sidewall is 95. They are new tires that we put on a few months ago. I have not been able to find a place to get the coach weighed around here. It does not have an on-board air system.
  7. I have purchased a couple of compressors to put air in the RV tires. However, I returned them because they did not work. I would like one that I could carry with us in the coach. Could somone recommend one? I need a compressor that is small but powerful. We need 95 psi in all the tires. Thanks.
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