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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies and much needed help. I tried for several days to locate Michelin 12R22.5 tires but the local dealers did not have any and said the Michelin tires were on backorder. So I call the Advantage hotline and Ed said there were two 12R22.5 tires in Michigan. When I asked the larger local dealer to check out what it would cost to ship the tires from Michigan to Nashville, they were reluctant to get me a price. I called several days in a row and could never get a price, so I gave up on the local Michelin dealer. The local Toyo dealer couldn't get any tires shipped in to Nashville within the week. The only tires I could find in the Nashville area were the Dunlop 12R22.5 150L SP348 RSS H (16 Ply), so I purchased two and had them installed on the front axle. The front axle tires were the same brand and model as the tire that I cut on the back axle (Toyo M111z 12R22.5). The tire serviceman didn't think much of measuring the circumference of the inside dual tire and the replacement from the front. He said since the tires were the same size and model, you should only measure the thread depth. There was only 1/32" difference in the thread depth between the inside dual and the replacement tire from the front axle, so he went ahead and installed it. I now have one Toyo spare tire in case I may need it. The downside is the Dunlop tires are rated for 9” wide rims, so I’ll have to find out what the de-rating of the Dunlop tires would be for the 8.25” rims. I plan to get my corners weighed as soon as I can so I know how soon I should replace the Dunlop tires. All the rear tires have manufacture dates in 2011, so if I don’t have to replace the Dunlop tires immediately, I plan to move the Dunlop tires to the tag axle and purchase new tires for the front and rear axle, in a year or two. Again, thanks for the advice.
  2. I am new to the forum, so hopefully I have stated everything you need to know to help me with my questions. I cut a tire when turning into a campground yesterday on the rear outside dual-my bad-should have had the wife outside watching me. While backing into the campsite, the tire was flat and is now loose on the rim. I have a 40’ 2003 Beaver Marquis with a tag axle. I have Toyo 12R22.5 tires on all three axles with 2011 date codes and the style of the tires is M111z. The local Toyo dealer can’t find the M111z style, not sure if Toyo even makes this style any longer. I will purchase two new tires and take one of the tires I replace to use for the outside rear tire that I ruined since they have the same mileage and wear. The local dealer does have two M144 in a 315/80R22.5 that I could put on the front axle or tag axle. I looked on vin plate and the tires shown were the 12R22.5 with 8.25” rim width. Looking on Toyo’s specification for the 315/80R22.5 tires shows a recommended rim width of 9 to 9.75”. What problems do you think I may encounter if I purchase the 315/80R22.5 tires and install them on the 8.25” wide rims-or would the 315/80R22.5 tires even fit on the 8.25” rims? If the 315/80R22.5 tires fit on the 8.25” rims, would I be better to install the 315/80R22.5 tires on the front axle or tag axle? If I can’t get the 12R22.5 tires, do you think I could remove both tag tires, and use one to replace the cut tire on the dual and then drive home? I am about 1000 miles from home. The vin plate shows 47,000 lbs. and I had just weighed my coach a couple of days ago. It weighed 40,700 lbs with a full tank of fuel, ½ full (50 gallons) on the fresh water, ¼ full (12 gallons) on the gray tank and ½ full (25 gallons) on the black tank. I do pull a trailer with my coach and it weighs 9,900 lbs.with 960 lbs. tongue weight. Thanks for any advice. Doug
  3. Thanks for your input. I have an appointment with the Cummins dealer tomorrow to check out this problem.
  4. I have a Cummins 8.3 in my Beaver Coach. I have had to start adding antifreeze (Fleetguard 50/50 extended life antifreeze) quite regularly during my trip-about 1 gallon every 1000 miles. I had my oil changed before I left on my trip and had Shell Rotella 15W40 installed. I had my oil analyzed at 1600 miles of my trip. The readings were 114 ppm for Sodium, 145 ppm for Potassium and 1.1 ppm for glycol. I had the oil changed and installed Mobil Delvas Elite 15W40 Synthetic. I have now driven 750 miles and had another oil analysis done. The readings are were 58 ppm for Sodium, 98 ppm for Potassium and 0 ppm for glycol. Engine oil pressure is normal about 60 psig at 1700 rpm and engine water temperatures is normal about 190 degrees. I would like to make it home if I can which is about 1300 miles. I have heard of a couple of home remedies and wonder if they would hurt. One is putting coarse black pepper in the radiator, another is putting mustard in the radiator and then the other is putting Bars Leak-the pellet kind in the radiator. Has anyone done this? Thanks.
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