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  1. To all our "friends" who have helps us feel more secure with out trip, thank you.. We just retired last fall so this is our first cross country trip. We will be taking your advice with investing in a radio and taking the alternate routes suggested. We have never posted to a forum before but certainly know where to ask for help from now on! Thank you for all your help. Sincerely appreciated. Ron and Bonnie
  2. Leary, Sandra and Bill, thank you for your responses. The common thread is to watch the forecast. We will your advice and just stay ahead of the storms (or behind!). Thanks again, Ron and Bonnie
  3. We are planning a trip across country, from Boston to Colorado. We had planned on leaving 6/6 but are very concerned about the storms raging the country. We had planned to pick up Route 66 in Oklahoma but are having 2nd thoughts. We don't want our MH damaged by storms. Is there anyone out there who is dealing with this weather? How bad is it, really? Thanks Ron & Bonnie
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