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  1. i have Kwikee 2-step power unit. Could you explain move or show a pic. I looked under there to see if anything was loose or rubbing.
  2. I checked the shocks (Bilstein) and don't see any problems. I did find that the front rubber helper spring were dry rotted and just crumbled when i tried moving them. I ordered new SumoSprings for the front so these show take care a lot of the swaying. Not sure if it will cure the banging. sounds like something is hitting the storage areas. I can't find any bad bushings and metal rubbing medal. I did notice that the older rubber helper strings were about 5 inches over axles which was pretty high.
  3. I have a 2004 Winnebago sightseer with 7600 miles. Recently had in shop for new control board on leveling system. I now have a loud banging noise coming from front passenger side. It only happens when going over a bump. I checked front compartments for anything flying around - nothing. I called the shop and they had the RV on a lift to check the front jacks. I took to get front tires replaced as scheduled and asked them to look for anything that doesn't look right. They said the king pin was dry and greased it. Noise is still there. I am not a mechanic so need some thoughts on where to look. thanks for any advice you can lend. Joe
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