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  1. First off, thank you for your responses...means a lot to me that you are willing to try and help me! Our rig is Gas, I have 2 House and 1 Engine and lucky for me they are all 3 next to each other so I am able to cross jump or I'd still be in Belfair camping...oh wait that might not be a bad thing...hahaha Going through the manual, I found that there is an inverter switch for the entertainment system (TV's/DVD/Satelite) and there were also switches on the outside of the Hot Water compartment (1 had a lightening bolt-I assume for electric start and 1 had a flame -maybe for propane). The manual said nothing about the 2 I found by Hot Water, but the Entertainment system inverter had a note that it would drain the batteries. I have turned all those switches off. The rig also has a roof solar panel they said was for trickle charge and the red light for it is always on during the day. I also checked the dates on the batteries, the house both say 4/14 and the engine says 2/11...so I am thinking the engine for sure needs to be replaced. I just went down to check the meter for the batteries on the control system and the house batteries have no reading at all and the Engine reads 10.6. I did turn the key and still nothing totally dead, I pushed the battery boost and nothing...the only thing that happened with the boost pushed was the dash digital clock and outside temp display came on, but nothing else. I also had issues with the steps and couldn't get the Hot Water to work, but I am guessing because the batteries....although, the hot water is both propane and electric, but still didn't work either way...again, thinking the batteries because when I have the rig running, the steps, slides and awning all work, but the rig has to be running!!! Oh boy...what a mess right Thanks again for any help!!! Sisterblue
  2. We upgraded our Class A 3 weeks ago from a "88" Winnebago Elandon 32ft to a "02" Winnebago Adventure 35U. The first couple weeks we spent moving from one into the other and took our first trip last weekend to work out any bugs and get use to it before our big 2 wk trip coming up in 6 days..... After loading all the groceries, dogs, etc. it wouldn't start, but I had started it 1 time each week and it started that morning 6 hrs before I was pulling out. I was able to cross jump it, but once in our spot, leveled, slides out I turned it off. Thinking the 45-1 hr drive would have gotten a good charge done. I hooked up shoreline, water and sewer and when I went to get the awning out, my steps wouldn't work, the awning wouldn't work...basically nothing worked...house batteries and engine battery was dead.... I didn't get a manual with it, so I printed one from Winnebago and since found that there were a couple things that shouldn't be left on or they will completely drain the batteries. I have turned those things off and the solar charger light is on saying it is trickle charging, but all batteries are still dead.....I again crossed jumped it and let it run for about 40 min. and still nothing... Going from an "88" to a "02" with 2 slides, heat pump etc. I know I have a high learning curve going on, but I could really use some help from anyone in our RV community !!! Can anyone out there give me a hand to try and figure this out and get it fixed?? Thank you so very much in advance Sisterblue
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